Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Breaking the Silence with a Few Photos...

I know, I know...

You haven't heard from me since April! I never posted pictures from my luxurious weekend in Dubai or trekking through the hills of Nepal; I didn't share the juicy details on my week as at the Global Changemakers Euro-Africa Youth Summit in Brussels and weekend in Germany; and you must be assuming that I don't do any work in Malawi since I haven't given an updates lately.

The truth is, my time in Malawi is coming to a close and a LOT has been happening in preparation for the transition. A blog post is coming your way soon, but in the mean time, enjoy a few pictures! As the saying goes, they're worth a thousand words...

Thank you Ethiopian for the first class upgrade!
First day in Dubai = 4 hour brunch (and too much fun)...
Second day in Dubai = World Horse Racing Championships.
Check out the track.
Site seeing around Katmandu.*
You better believe I climbed those stairs!*
Trek Day 2.*
Lunch time....
Mmm, buffalo noodle soup!
Almost there!*
The prayer flags are a symbol of Nepal. 
Hitching a ride (notice the boys in the back) to beat the pouring
rain during our trek!
Nepali life along the way!
Real cozy in the rickshaw...
The beauty of Nepal!
Canyoning in Nepal. 
If you thought this was daring...you should see
my bungy jumping video!
Enjoying the last little luxuries of Dubai, including some yummy
fro-yo at a huge mall!!
*Thanks Ray, Sam, and Tyler for taking these awesome pics!

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